A Tennis Court in Your Lungs, New China Islands, Omega 3 Conversion

Surface area in the lungs roughly equivalent to a tennis court is required to provide sufficient oxygenation to sustain the human body. 300 million alveoli (0.3 mm diameter “bubbles”) provide this function together with lipoprotein-based surfactants to prevent all those little bubbles from collapsing. Only mammals have pulmonary alveoli.

A small study of young adult males concluded they convert ALA to DHA and EPA omega 3s at 8% and 4% efficiency. A similar study in young women found 21% and 9% conversion rates. The difference is possibly due to estrogen.

The government of China is building new islands in the South China Sea. One site named Johnson South Reef is also claimed by the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In 1988, China and Vietnam fought a skirmish over the reef that left 77 Vietnamese soldiers dead.

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