Enable Multiwindow in Android

I was disappointed to find Android only natively supports one full screen window at a time. The Nexus 10 can handle multitasking yet Google has stubbornly refused to add it. Some Samsung devices and the Paranoid ROM (recently dropped apparently) feature their own implementations of multi-window support as well as some builds of OmniROM (but not the Nexus 10 builds). Luckily a few developers have created Xposed modules that allow for running multiple windows at once for any ROM or Android device. Unfortunately, it’s not a very straightforward process but after a bit of tinkering I was able to get it up and running. Root is required to install the Xposed framework but this will work on any ROM including stock. If you need to root I recommend the Nexus Root Toolkit, which will do it safely with a few clicks.

Setup multi-window mode in Android:

  1. Install the Xposed framework apk, which allows system modification without rebuilding your ROM (root required as well as “allow install from unknown sources” option)
  2. Load Xposed framework up, select Setup then Install
  3. Reboot
  4. Load the Xposed framework app, select Download up top, search for the XHaloFloatingWindow module, select Versions up top then the Download button for the latest version of the module
  5. Repeat above procedure to download the FixVisibilityOfMultipleNonFullscreenActivities module in Xposed (required for most but not all devices to fix an Android bug that prevents multiple windows on screen at once, Nexus 10 requires it)
  6. While still in Xposed, select the Modules tab up top then enable both modules
  7. If you installed the SwipeBack Xposed module be sure to uninstall it by long pressing it in the Modules tab of Xposed (for some reason it’s incompatible with multi-window)
  8. Open your web browser and get the MultiWindowSidebar apk (look at bottom attachment of that forum post) then install
  9. Reboot one final time
  10. Enjoy your new multitasking powers!

What do you think?